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EZM Headlight Brow Decals x 2 for VW Up GTI
  • EZM Headlight Brow Decals x 2 for VW Up GTI

    These high quality vinyl decals have been designed by EZM to enhance the headlights by giving them  a more aggressive look. 

    Much more effective than plastic alternatives as they blend into the headlight without any alignment issues!

    Fitment is easy and instructions are included. 


    For best results wet apply using mild soapy water.


    EZM highly recommend the use of a vinyl squeegee to fit this product.


    Sold as a pair - left & right.


    This sale is NOT for plastic/ABS headlight brows.


      Suitable for VW Up GTI model.


      Please note that due to the length of this product and to keep prices as low as possible for our customer it may be sent in a PIP postage box. The product will be carefully folded (NOT CREASED). This will in no way affect it's appearance once fitted. 

    Excluding Sales Tax
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