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  • How do you design your decals?
    All decals are intricately worked out and tested in house before being released for sale. No short cuts are taken and we strive to offer the best pre-cut decals on the market!
  • Why should I buy EZM decals?
    Our decals are designed from scratch by a graphic designer with over 20 years of experience in the design and advertising industustry. This is not a hobby, we aren't trying to make a quick buck and we take our reputation very seriously. We only use branded vinyl from a select group of wholesale suppliers, up to date design software and proffessional cutting eqipment. EZM decals may not be the cheapest but there is a reason for that. If you have had a bad experience from an aution site purchase or poor fitment issues from 'Sam's Stickers' / 'Derek's Decals' etc you've come to the right place!
  • How easy is it to fit the product(s) I've ordered?
    All EZM products come with detailed instructions. They are designed to be as easy to fit as possible. Preparation is key.
  • What is the 'Sales Tax' and why has it been added to my order?
    This is a mandatory tax for UK 'VAT registered' companies. The current rate is 20% and it is added at checkout for UK customers. Please view your basket so see the total price.
  • What should I use to degrease and prepare the surface?
    We recommend first cleaning the surface and then using isopropyl alcohol or a dab of lighter fluid on a microfibre cloth. It is also possible to use some diluted washing up liquid or citrus bike degreaser. DO NOT USE wax based shampoo as the wax coating stop the adhesive from sticking to the surface.
  • I think you've only sent me one strip decal. Is this right?
    All strip decals are sold as a pair. They have a slit running down the middle to separate them.
  • How quickly will you dispatch my order?
    We aim to dispatch your order same working day (Monday - Friday) if ordered before 3pm.
  • How long does UK delivery take?
    The postage service used is dependent on the order value. Orders under £20 are usually sent via 2nd class service. Orders over £20 are usually sent via 1st class service. Orders over £30 are usually sent via 1st or 2nd class 'signed for' service depending on the size and weight. Please allow up to 10 working days from the dispatch date for delivery. Orders are usually delivered promptly but in some cases they may take a little longer. PLEASE NOTE: Once an order has been dispatched we are unable to provide any updates. Please refer to the tracking information (if applicable). A dispatch email is sent for every order we process. Please check your junk folder.
  • How and when will I know that my order has been dispatched?
    As soon as we have dispatched your order a confirmation email will be sent to you. If you can't see it in your inbox please check your junk folder.
  • What's the best way to remove my decals?
    Always use warm heat from a heat gun or hair dryer to remove decals. Trying to remove them without the use of heat is likely to cause damage - especially to painted plastic!
  • I think I've entered an incorrect delivery address, what should I do?"
    Please contact us ASAP with your order number and the correct address. If you order hasn't been dispatched yet we will update it and let you know. If it has been dispatched you may have to wait for it to be returned back to us so we can amend and re-dispatch.
  • What kind of weather should I apply my decals in?
    We recommend applying your decals in cool dry conditions. Do not apply them in extreme heat or cold. In extreme heat they are likely to stretch and distort. In extreme cold they are likely to become brittle and crack. The ideal application temperature is between 15 and 25°C (59 and 77°F) and must be respected equally for both the ambient and the substrate temperatures.
  • What type of vinyl do you use?
    We only use top quality long life branded vinyl. All of our vinyl is sourced from a select group of wholesale supliers.
  • My decal doesn't feel sticky, is that correct?"
    Decals are not the same as regular stickers. The adhesive used is not soluble and needs heat to be applied to it in order to activate it’s tacky properties. Decals will peel easy off the backing paper. They are designed to do this otherwise you would struggle to separate them.
  • Why wont my decals stick? / Why have they come off?
    To answer this question properly you first need to understand some important factors. EZM only use high quality branded vinyl from trusted wholesale trade sources. It is rated to last up to 8 years if looked after so it is top notch stuff! All decals are cut from large rolls meaning that there is no 'bad decal' or 'bad batch'. For example if we were to send you another and another each one would be exactly the same as the last. The adhesive is not soluble. So even if you wet apply a decal it would not lose it's adhesive properties. In fact if you dropped one and it became contaminated with dirt and grit you could easily wipe it with a damp cloth and it still wouldn't be affected. If your decals are not sticking there are only three reasons for this:1. The surface you are trying to stick them too still has contaminants present. When we wash our cars and detail them afterwards the vast majority or products we use will contain silicone/wax based ingredients. These are designed to repel dirt and anything else for that matter from sticking to the surface, thus keeping our cars looking cleaner for longer. Even when just driving generally your vehicle will be picking up other dirt, smog, pollen etc. As per the instructions provided and highlighted in yellow, all contaminants must be removed prior to application! A citrus based degreaser, a dab of lighter fluid or isopropyl alcohol must be used first. Using any form or car shampoo, detailing spray or washing up liquid will not work. 2. Too little or no heat has been used to activate the adhesive (especially in cold weather!). As per the instructions and highlighted in yellow, heat must be used afterwards to help activate the adhesive! 3. Your decals have been wet applied and too little or no heat has been used to dry them out and activate the adhesive. This will leave moisture present under the surface causing them not to sick (especially in cold weather!). Over time they will dry out but if you drive too soon after fitting them they are likely to come off. We supply and fit vinyl decals day in and day out and have been for many years. Regretfully no refunds or exchanges will be given if they come unstuck - this simply doesn't happen when they are fitted correctly. The vinyl is 100% not the issue. We appreciate your frustration when installation has not been successful and are happy to assist and advise on where improvements should be made.
  • When can I wash my car after fitting the decals?
    We advise that you leave the decals to cure for at least 24 hours before washing. Especially if they have been wet applied and/or applied in damp/cold conditions.
  • Will the brake caliper decals come of with the heat?
    No, so long as you have de-greased the surfaces properly before hand the vinyl will not peel off as it is heat resistant.
  • Will the engine bay decals come off with the heat?
    No, so long as you have de-greased the surfaces properly before hand the vinyl will not peel off as it is heat resistant. Silicone trim gel is oftem used to bring a shine to the plastic coverings - This MUST be fully removed before application.
  • What do I do if my decal(s) arrive damaged?
    We take great care when packing orders but unfortunately on rare occasions some can arrive damaged. If this happens please notify us immediately with pictures of the damage and your order number. DO NOT attempt to fit any of the decals. We need to assess the damage first in order to rectify the problem. If you do attempt to fit them we will be unable to help.
  • My decals arrived folded, are the still ok to use?"
    Yes. In some cases it is necessary to fold the decals due to their length. Do not worry. The vinyl we use is very flexibly and any crease will easily dissapear when applied. A little heat from a heat gun or hair dryer may also be used to gently heat the vinyl.
  • My decal arrived damaged, stuck to the envelope/instructions, is it still ok to use?"
    Unfortunately despite our best efforts the decals can sometimes move around in transit. Should a part of one become stuck to the instructions or the inside of the envelope it can be easily remedied. The adhesive is not soluble. This means that you can wipe it clean with a warm soapy cloth and then rinse with water. Allow the decal to dry and it will be ready to use.
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