EZM Front Bumper Scoop Decals x 2 for VW Golf MK7.5 R & R-Line
  • EZM Front Bumper Scoop Decals x 2 for VW Golf MK7.5 R & R-Line

    These precision pre-cut decals stick over the top of the inside of the front scoops for the ultimate customisation.
    With EZM you get the perfect fit.

    No trimming required. 
    Fitment takes just 15 minutes. Detailed instructions included.


    For best results wet apply using mild soapy water.

    EZM highly recommend the use of a vinyl squeegee for this.


    Detailed instructions included.


    Sold as a pair - left & right.



      Suitable for VW Golf MK7.5 facelift R & R-Line models.


      Please be advised that on rare occasions removal of vinyl decals on a plastic lacquered surface such as a front bumper can lead to damage of the finish. This is often due existing stone chips that have chipped the surface or a previous repair to the bumper.

      Should you decide to remove the vinyl decals this must be carried out with the use of a heat gun set to a low/medium heat and using cation.

      EZM do not accept any liability for any damage upon removal of these decals. These conditions must be understood and accepted upon purchase.

    Excluding Sales Tax