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EZM Number Plate Hole Cover Up Decals x 6
  • EZM Number Plate Hole Cover Up Decals x 6

    Great for covering up unsightly number plate screw holes.


    Much more affordable than having the bumper filled and re-painted!


    Supplied as a set of six.

    Cut from high quality long life vinyl. 


    Available in various sizes. Please check before ordering and bear in mind that the decals will need enough surface area to adhere to!


    Unfortunatley there are no colour matches for: White Silver, Carbon Steel Grey 


      Suitable for any vehicle.


      THESE ARE NOT COLOUR MATCHED TO VW PAINT CODES! - EZM aim to offer the best colour matches available. However please be advised that these are made using pre-printed vinyls and are may not be exact in some cases. For an exact colour match specialist painting would be required. These products are intended as a more cost effective and convenient alternative. If you are in anyway unhappy with the colour DO NOT FIT THE PRODUCT! No refund or exchange will be given if the product has been used.

    • SIZES

      Please check holes size before ordering. The decals must have enough surface area to adhere to. EZM will not be held responsible if they do not and come off.


      These are intended as a much cheaper and easier alternative to filling and painting the bumper. If the vinyl is subjected to excessive pressure washer force or extreme weather conditions it may break. For this reason we recommend DOUBLING UP the vinyl. EZM will not be held responsible should any damage occur. Please bear this in mind before ordering.

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