EZM Front Radar Badge Dechrome Kit for VW Golf MK7.5 Facelift GTI
  • EZM Front Radar Badge Dechrome Kit for VW Golf MK7.5 Facelift GTI

    This kit alows you to dechrome your front radar badge.


    It is supplied in 3 pre-cut parts. No trimming required!


    Step 1 - Chose the full set or replacement inlays (for those who already have the main part installed),

    Step 2 - Chose the main colour.

    Step 3 - Add colour inlays for the ultimate customisation!


    Fitment takes just 15 minutes. Detaled instructions included.


      Suitable for VW Golf MK7.5 facelift GTI models fitted with front radar emblem.


      The VW Golf MK7.5 front badge has a readar behind it. The radar is a factory fitted safey feature. Installing decals over the radar is not know to effect it's function however instalation is entirely at the owners own risk. EZM recommend notifying your insurance company of any modifications. These conditions must be understood and accepted upon purchase.


      EZM aim to offer the best colour matches available. However please be advised that these are made using pre-printed vinyls and are may not be exact in some cases. For an exact colour match specialist painting would be required. These products are intended as a more cost effective and convenient alternative.

    Full Set?
    Main Colour
    Inlay Colour


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