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EZM Door Pillar Overlays for VW Up 4 Door Models
  • EZM Door Pillar Overlays for VW Up 4 Door Models

    Enhance the exterior of your Golf with EZM door pillar overlays.


    The OEM gloss black pillars can ofter become scratched. Now you can easily refresh and enhance them.


    EZM door pillar overlays are an exact fit and are easily applied as they are made using air release bubble free auto vinyl.


    For best results wet apply using mild soapy water.

    EZM highly recommend the use of a vinyl squeegee for this.


    Fitment takes just 10 minutes. Detailed instructions included.


    Pictures show carbon fibre - gloss fitted.


      Suitable for VW Up 4 door models. 


      The surface must be contaminant free before application. EZM recommend using a degreaser, some lighter fluid or isopropyl alcohol on a microfibre cloth. Do not use any form of wax based shampoo or detailing spray as they are designed to repel dirt and will stop the decals from sticking.

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