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EZM Aftermarket S Badge Overlays x 2 for Seat Ibiza MK5 6J
  • EZM Aftermarket S Badge Overlays x 2 for Seat Ibiza MK5 6J

    Aftermarket vinyl overlays to easily change the colour of your S badges.


    They simply stick over the top of your original OEM badges for the ultimate customisation!


    Designed to cover the flat face of the badge only.


    Rest assured that EZM overlays are the best fitting on the market having spent many hours going through development to ensure they fit perfectly.


    There are many benefits to vinyl overlays when compared to painting your badges:

    • No risk of damage when removing
    • Easy to apply
    • Quicker than prepping and painting
    • Very durable and long lasting (up to 8 years!)
    • Easy to remove if you want to change the colour or revert back to stock

    Please note: The glow in the dark variant will need to be exposed to a short period of bright light in order to charge and glow.


      Suitable for Seat Ibiza MK5 6J models with front and rear badges that are the same size - SAME SHAPE AS PICTURED.


      EZM recommend using a detailing brush when cleaning. Do not use excessive pressure washer force. Pat dry.

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